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MonkeyAug 2, 2017

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    Jun 25, 2017

    How are we eight months into this year already? I don't know - this year went particularly fast. We've released a new update today which includes a few new large features as well as a long list of smaller changes.

    Coast Survival Jobs Update

    Coast Survival's update today revolved mainly around Jobs - a returning feature from Survival 1.0, but expanded upon and improved. In fact, completely rewritten.

    We've introduced a new Job system with 6 levels, and over 150 unique jobs. At this time, you can have 3 concurrent jobs, and after completing one job, there is an 8 hour cooldown until it resets. This time may be reduced or removed over time.

    You can do the /jobs command to access the Job Menu, or go to spawn and head into the building on the right. All jobs, except some in level one, will reward you with Essence and Copper.

    Along with being rewarded with copper in the jobs you complete, you will also receive different amounts of a new currency called 'Essence'.

    This is a new and rare form of currency that in the future will be used for exciting new updates such as cosmetics, and also for upgrading other in game functions and features. Copper will still be the currency used to buy items and trade with players, meanwhile Essence will be more difficult to earn and not be able to be traded with players. Stay tuned for more updates that develop Essence and make use of it in the next few weeks.


    This update also featured plenty of other changes! Here is an almost complete list.

    -> Added Vote Parties
    -> Named mobs cannot be killed in claims
    -> Endermites can be killed in claims
    -> colored beds in 1.8 look like red beds rather than errors
    -> Fixed Jackhammer pickaxes so that they do not break 3x3 ores
    -> Added 500 copper to Elite Crates
    -> Added Knockback 10 slime balls to Elite Crates
    -> Squids now stack
    -> Silverfish can now be killed in claims
    -> In 1.8, terracotta will now show as Hardened Clay (colored) instead of bricks
    -> Added 10 tokens to Common Crates
    -> Added 250 and 450 tokens to Elite Crates
    -> Added "Return to Previous Page" button to crates
    -> Experience will not drop upon mining spawners
    -> Added /trash as an alias for /bin
    -> Added /cl as an alias for /claim
    -> Added /clo as an alias for /claimoptions
    -> /feed cooldown is now 30 seconds, from 60.
    -> Scramble should not break anymore. (using deprecated PlayerChatEvent because it works... better. #MojangSucks)
    -> Fixed town thread saving upon restart
    -> Login puts no decimal places on sidebar for copper
    -> Fixed lottery glitch where it would not show winner
    -> Fixed lottery glitch where the result would double
    -> Renamed Clay to Terracotta in crates
    -> Smelting cracked brick will no longer work (experience exploit)
    -> /spawn's /back will work correctly.
    -> Force to spawn will not let you /back
    -> Recoded chairs to where they should send you back to spawn upon death, if a chair breaks under you, etc
    -> I cannot be sent to spawn, teleported to, etc (by staff)
    -> Reformatted /vanish to align with Coast
    -> Killing yourself, or a mob killing you, will not result in your head dropping
    -> Added support for donkeys, mules, skeleton horses and llamas to teleport with ranked players (as horses do)
    -> Added "/ptime reset" to reset to default server time
    -> Cannot claim spawn via The End (was an exploit)
    -> Wither Skeletons now stack

    A large player shop update is coming soon, as well as the winner of the Summer Head Hunt draw!

    We've also added some new staff members since my last forum post - welcome @Abigqyle and @Jelly as Junior Moderators!
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    Jul 1, 2017
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    One thing: can we have an Essence counter on the scoreboard?
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    Jun 30, 2017
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    From my understanding this will be implemented in a future update and alternate every few seconds between the essence balance and copper balance.
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    Jul 5, 2017
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    Monkey, plz keep the BEAUTIFUL End City building that was made on the spawn portal platform that welcomed people to The End

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